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Work Breaks for a FIT Work-lifestyle

connect2FIT helps employees develop the simple habit of taking strategic work breaks for better health and well-being.

Small Work Breaks=Big Change

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A Library of Work Breaks based on YOUR Needs

Move More

From warm-up stretches before starting office work to leg strengthening exercises, schedule work breaks so you move more and more purposefully according to YOUR needs and YOUR schedule.

Relieve Pain

Take control of your sedentary ailments with breaks strategically scheduled throughout your work day to help relieve wrist, back, neck and foot pain. Pain work breaks include stretches, self-massage, and myofascial release.


No time to hit the gym today? Fit in your workout during the day, whether you schedule a full 30-minute workout for your lunch break or you string together 3 ten-minute strength training breaks. No excuses! 

Stress Less

Schedule energy-boosting breathing techniques for a midday pick-up or a calming mini-meditation before your big presentation or daily morning affirmations for goal setting for stress management.

Easy for the Employee

schedule daily work breaks

alerts remind employee to take a break

schedule optional lunch workouts

track sitting vs. movement time

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Easy for the Employer

easy to implement

STEP 1: Link or integrate connect2FIT to your site or wellness platform.

easy to engage

STEP 2: FIT2order handles your onboarding and email campaigns.

easy to report

STEP 3: Receive quarterly data reports.

Still sitting?

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